10K Course Clarity Workshop​

Discover How You Can Create Your Course Instantly and Reach Your Dream Bank Account Balance With Toni Brown

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On- Demand Workshop 

Are you someone with a vast amount of knowledge but not capitalizing on it in the online education industry?

Maybe you have been thinking about creating that course, however the following questions have slowed your progress:

What should I include in my course?

Do I have enough knowledge to create a valuable course for my industry?

How do I market the course?

Will my course really get people results?


These may be the questions running through your mind but

it really boils down to you not having a confident course creation system.


That's why I created the 10K Course Clarity Workshop!


Inside this workshop, you will get clear on your course topic, the content and the audience who will be a perfect fit for it so you can get your genius out to the market.


This proven system works for any topic, process or framework.


This is the first step to a totally confident course that establishes you as an expert so you can reach that dream bank account balance.



  • How to create a BOLD Course statement to clearly explain who your course is for and the problem it solves.
  • Identify the topic that will excite not only you but your audience as well.
  • Get complete clarity on your subject matter.
  • Learn course creation secrets that not many course creator share.

Using Toni's BOLD Course Statement CourseBot tool helped me create a clear and concise sentence to better explain more about the offers in my business. If you don't have your short 30-second sentence to share your course with others, this is a tool I HIGHLY recommend.



  • You have thought about creating a course to make some extra cash
  • You want to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • You want to create a course but you are not sure what to include as content.
  • You have an idea on paper but need guidance on the right steps to take so you don't waste time working on the wrong thing.