It is time to get your course out of your head and into your customer’s hands so that you can have your dream bank account balance.​


This is for you if...


  • You have a few of the pieces figured out but feel like something is missing
  • You have been working on this course creation process for a while and not seeing the results you know your course deserves
  • You have been working on this course creation process for a while and it is not delivering the results you know it can.


You fear seeing comments like these….


...about your course.


If any of these concerns resonate with you and you want to avoid making any of the mistakes mentioned above, then your first step is to select the course creation resource that’s for you.


These resources are designed specifically for people like you that are new to the course creation process and not confident in the course process.


Below you will find THREE of the best starting places to help you not only get started, but to finish your course that will have your audience raving about the results you helped them get. 



*Please note: Only 300 per workbook bundles available.

This is perfect for you if your need a self-paced, DIY solution to walk you through your course creation journey.


Getting your course created and ready for the market requires clarity, vision and the ability to execute consistently in the right order.


You want to build faster, create better, and make money ASAP. But doing this alone is overwhelming and time-consuming. So I’ve made you a roadmap.


A plan of action. A tried-and-true system to follow so you can feel confident about the future of your course.


*Please note: Only 50 of these are available.

This is perfect for you if you want support during your course creation journey.


Co L.A.B. (Course Lessons, Accountability and Business Strategies) is the all-inclusive training department for your business where you have access to a support group, during your course creation journey so that you can launch confidently to a full class and make more money.



– Analysis paralysis

– Second guessing the process

– Course Creation overwhelm

– Pushing the Publish button paralysis 


And replace it with:

– course creation trainings 

– tech support 

– copyrighting support 

-swipe files 

– expert assistance 

and the guidance to plan your course from idea to cart. 


*Please note: Only 10 of these are available.

This is perfect for you if you are ready to launch a new course or revamp one that is already in your toolkit but want feedback on ways to improve your course to increase sales and student satisfaction. 


Inside of Course Critique, it is my job to figure out what is missing from your course and fix it! 


Sometimes, as the author of the content we are too close to put our finger on what's not connecting and it takes someone with a fresh eye and instructional background to catch it and enhance it.


Think of this as a course audit to help you take your course to the next level and watch the cash roll in.