it possible to go from course concept to open cart in 45 days with a 9-5, being a mom of an highly involve mini me AND holding down a side hustle

Of course it is! Especially with my Course Builder Bundle to walk you step-by-step through the journey!

Friend, does this sound like you?

You have tried your hand at creating your course in the past...

You have downloaded ALL the freebies on this topic that you could find...

You even spent hours watching live streams trying to figure out your next steps...

Ha! You don't even want to add up the time and overwhelm that watching outdated YouTube videos created...


Now you are feeling STUCK with a capital 'S'...


Feeling like you failed miserably and wasted a boatload of time and energy...

None of these 'answers' cracked the code of creating a confident course you want to represent you.

None of these 'resources' helped you figure out how to create a course

that will make people want to line up to learn from you.

None of them helped you want to create your course. Period.


Time after time, you have tried to create this course and you don't understand why you keep failing.


Which make you sit there and wonder...

how on earth are all these people creating courses and making money while they eat, sleep and play. 

I know you are pondering how you can get the same results, questioning what else you should do to get this course created while others have multiple courses connected to their name,

expanded their reach in the market and get consistent sales all while using the power and authority of a quality course. 


You are tired of this roller coaster and ready to make a change...


You have dreamed of the breakthrough that will help you go from endless brainstorm mode to rolling out a highly converting course without wasting any more of your time or money.


Well this is where I come in, change is here!

  • You shouldn't hate the course creation process.  

  • You should't feel embarrassed about your course.  

  • You shouldn't settle for fluff-filled freebies because you are on a tight budget.  

  • You shouldn't feel like you can’t have a well-designed course because

  • you can’t afford an instructional designer aka course creator on your team.

  • You shouldn't think you can’t design a quality course yourself.  

  • You shouldn't keep waiting to create a course you need to have the bank account of your dreams.



You don't need to hire a course creator or spend a fortune to create a course you and your learners love.


You may have dreamed of outsourcing the creation of your course to someone else.

Wishing that you had someone that would take your ideas and turn it into content, get the content organized into a course with modules and lessons, then design and developed the entire course so that you would only need to launch it.


Sounds amazing RIGHT?!?!


It is, and there are are people who can actually do that for you which is an instructional designer.


Now before you run off to search for designer,

understand that Instructional Designers charge an average of $100-$200 an hour. And the average job requires 30 to 40 hours to complete.  

That's a whopping $3,000 to $8,000 in design fees per course!


That's just not affordable for most people, especially small business owners like yourself.  


But you, yes YOU, CAN create a course even if you don't have the budget for an instructional designer.

All you need is The Course Builder Bundle which


an instructional designer.

Check out the transformations that are possible with

The Course Builder Bundle...

Meet Toni..


Hi, my name is Toni and I’m just a crazy, overwhelmed and bursting with ideas as you are! 


A mom of a teen daughter, a small business owner, and card holder of a full-time job outside the home; I NEEDED for my course (and yours too) to not only be THE happy place to hang for you AND your learners but generate an additional income for my household without being glued to my computer. 


Which meant I wanted the course I created to function well, be comfortable for all parties involved and be THE best product possible for my audience.


After a lot of trial, error and tweaking, I figured it out and want to share the goods with you.


We are about to make some power moves!

Friend, I have been building course years.


I spent lots of money and time, learning the ART of educating adults.


I don’t want you to be that teacher,

I want you teach what they need,

with content they can use and create a course

that THEY speak highly of so that you can expand your reach,

establish yourself as an industry leader

and have your dream bank account balance.


After 5 years, yes you ready that correctly,

after 5 years I’ve cracked the best "course creation strategy code"

and have learned the best way to serve you.




Because EVERYONE should have a course they want to use to serve and expand!  


My course design system works! 


I know what you are thinking…


"It won’t work for me because I am not a teacher."

"Toni, if it was that simple, everyone would have a course."

"How is this different from any other course creation course that promises me that I can create a course?"


Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before...


The Course Builder Bundle

includes everything you need to create the course of you and your learners dreams..

Here's the Simple 3-Step System..


Easy-to-understand explanations and plenty of examples will teach you exactly what you need to know about the principles that instructional designers use to create with exceptional classrooms on and offline.


The workbook guides you step-by-step through the same process an instructional designer would use to create a course strategy for you. 


As you fill out the worksheets, you are actively creating your very own course design plan! When you are done, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to create a course that will earn you more!  You also have templates, evaluation forms and checklist to make sure you have all things covered!


With all packages you get some support BUT with the affordable PLUS package, you get 30 days of personal design feedback from professionals, Group Power Hour, Q & A and a community of people to help you stay motivated and focused!


***the private Facebook group is included in the PLUS package***

What you get in this bank account building bundle..

Instant Access

Since this is a 100% digital product there are No refunds on packages.  I do provide support to get your course created and into an open cart in record time.

  • Secure order

    Your order information is secure and not sold to third parties.

Total Package


Course Builder Bundle Worksheets

The Course Builder Bundle Tutorial Videos explaining how to use this tool

Templates for you to print at home or at a print shop

Exclusive Facebook Group where you can ask course creation questions, receive feedback, get design advice, and join in group challenges to keep you motivated and accountable  (VALUE $47 per inquire)

Course Creation Guide Ebook that gives you 15 types of courses you can create (VALUE $10)

ClassFrame A Customizable Education Slide Deck Template with your class flow already determine, just drop in your content and customize (VALUE $27)


Not sure yet? Not sure yet? Don't leave empty handed! Try out my course 10k Clarity, that will help you get clear on the topic you need to teach for ONLY $10!


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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Will I get a physical product? 

What if I have a question about my order?  

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How is Course Builder Binder different from a course creation workbook I could buy at a bookstore? 

Do you offer private design services?

What is your refund policy? 

How can I be sure it won't just collect dust?

I live outside the United States. Can I still purchase Course Builder Binder?

What if I have a question about Course Builder Binder that I need answered before I can decide if it’s right for me?